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Footballers with hidden talents

To be playing at the top level, footballers have to be quite a talented bunch. But some have surprising talents that surpass their ability to kick a football beautifully.

For their talents on the football field they are worshipped by millions. But some footballers are gifted off-field as well as on it.

Below we take a look at some players who are talented at activities off the field of play - and some of them are stranger than you may originally think.

Clint Dempsey can rap 

Many footballers' attempts at music are comical. However, the ex-Spurs player is pretty decent at rhyming verses. He has released a few tracks in the US and uses the name "Deuce" when rapping.

Daniel Agger is a tattooist 

If someone asked you to guess what the Liverpool star's hidden talent is, after one look at the designs that adorn his arms and neck, you would have a pretty good idea it is something to do with tattoos.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a black belt in Taekwondo 

It is an undisputed fact that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is absolutely nuts. And the fact that the 6'4 ft striker knows martial arts may scare some people a little. We would not like to get on the wrong side of him.

Theo Walcott is an author 

At times, footballers get bad press for being an uneducated bunch. However, Walcott has bucked that trend by writing a series of childrens book based on his adventures in football when growing up.

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