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Best grassroots coaching equipment

Coaching children at grassroots can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in football - but a lot depends on the quality of the equipment you are using. These are our best products for grassroots football.

Professional clubs and the FA have recently identified football coaching at grassroots level as key to English football's future success, both the domestic league and national team.

There are tens of thousands of football coaches coaching children as young as 5 - and many claim it is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the game.

What else they say is that the quality of equipment they use is extremely important to the development of youngsters into quality footballers.

For decades, Diamond Football products have been the choice of grassroots coaches up and down the country (and also abroad). Some favourites include:

Mini Mannequin

The training mannequin stands the same height as a boy giving a more realistic obstacle for kids when practising set pieces.

Coaching Goal

A small, precise goal perfect for practising shots and passes. It fits in perfectly in the back garden as well as the training ground.

Mini Pole Set

Made specifically for children, every grassroots coach needs these. The poles are perfect for agility routines or make-shift goalposts.

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