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Metal Goal Net Pegs


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Metal Goal Net Pegs
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About our Metal Goal Net Pegs

Are you looking for high-quality, football goal net pegs? Here at Diamond Football, we have a fantastic range of football net accessories, including this set of 20 metal net pegs.


These football goal net pegs are made of steel and come in a handy black carry pouch, for easy storage and transportation. This set of 20 is enough for securing nets to two full-size football goals and due to their unbendable steel construction, they will be a product that lasts the test of time.


As with all traditional pegs, the Diamond metal goal net pegs are inserted into the ground around the base of the goal posts and along the back of the goal. The net is then attached to the pegs using hooks or loops, ensuring that it stays securely in place.


Goal net pegs are an important safety feature, as they help to prevent players from tripping over the net or getting entangled in it during play. They also help to ensure that the goal net remains stable and upright, even when subjected to the impact of a shot or collision. Pegs also help keep the net down when it is windy.


From football net clips to full football goal nets, whatever football accessories you are looking for, Diamond Football has you covered. Browse our range of football training equipment for anything else you might need.


Key product information


This football goal net:

  • Consists of 20 unbendable pegs
  • Is made of steel
  • Come in a black carry pouch
  • Is enough for 2 full size goals
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