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Football Boundary Poles

Boundary Poles
1.7m in various colours
Spring Loaded Boundary Pole
Flexible poles in yellow or orange
2 Piece Boundary Pole Set
Set of 12 x 1.7m poles in yellow and orange with a carry bag
Boundary Pole Bag
12-30 Poles capacity

At Diamond Football we cover all your training equipment needs as we offer a range of different types of apparatus to help improve your training sessions and your player’s development.

An important resource are football boundary poles as they can be used for a range of different activities during a training session. They can mark out training areas, can be used as slalom poles to help improve players movement and agility and can also be used for dribbling exercises and ball work.

The football boundary poles are a great piece of kit as they can be used for football training on the grass where the pole can be inserted directly into the turf or on astroturf or indoors with the addition of pole bases.

If your club is in need of a set ahead of the new season, here at Diamond Football we have several different options of training poles that you can use.

The plastic Diamond Boundary Poles are plastic and they come in a variety of colours such as yellow, orange, blue, pink, white and red. With the fluorescent colours it makes it easier for coaches and players alike to clearly see the boundaries of the training area.

Our Spring Loaded Boundary Pole is used by clubs in the professional game as well as in grassroots football. These training poles are perfect for agility exercises and training routines as this flexi-pole means players can touch the pole during the routine.

The 2 Piece Boundary Pole Set comes in a pack of 12 with six yellow and six orange poles. It is the perfect piece of equipment to take to away games for the warm-up as the boundary poles can easily fit in the boot of a car and they come with a black polyester carry bag.

Something that every coach needs is a Boundary Pole Bag. This carry bag helps store all your football boundary poles and our bags come in two different sizes. We have a 12-pole carry bag and a 30-pole carry bag with both designs making it easy for you to take it with you to training or on game days.

With Diamond Football’s wide variety of training equipment and football accessories, teams will be properly prepared for training sessions and games. From football substitute boards to junior football goals, we have all your training needs covered.

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